7 Library Podcasts For Your Commute or Downtime


Unless you've been hiding under a rock the past few years, you know that podcasts are exploding. They actually aren't new, but you might think they are based on how much attention they've been receiving lately. Podcasts have been around since the early days of iPods, but they really started to take off with the advent of smartphones and apps. I remember side-loading my Zune mp3 player with The History of Rome back around 2008, and it wasn't an easy process! 

I've been podcasting since 2009 when I started the Renaissance English History Podcast, which has received several million downloads by this point, and was the September 2021 issue of Podcast Magazine's History Podcast of the Month. I've also taught podcasting classes for various training organizations, including ALA Continuing Ed. #streetcred

So what about library podcasts? What library shows can you add to your podcatcher playlist? Here are a few of my favorites. This is just a starter list - we'll keep this list updated as we find more, so leave a comment with your favorite and we'll get it added!

Common Stacks

Of course I'm going to start out with our own podcast, Common Stacks. It's a new show, talking with library and vendor leaders, and leaders in other professions, examining the ways in which libraries are breaking down the ideas of, "well, this is how it's always been done."

The Library Leadership Podcast

The Library Leadership Podcast features real library leaders discussing the most important issues in libraries today. We hope it becomes a resource for everyone navigating the fast-paced world of information service provision.

Adriane Herrick Juarez is the Executive Director of the Park City Library in Utah. She believes library leadership is an ever-evolving practice that is enhanced through thought-provoking conversations and the sharing of ideas.

Linking our Libraries

Libraries are amazing places! The work library people do is so wide-ranging, it can be hard to keep up on the latest news. We are here to help. Each episode, Mary and Angie will focus on one area of library work, discuss library news stories, recommend some books, and share a Spotlight Library that is doing some interesting work. If your image of libraries is dominated by crabby old women who shush you or places where they scowl when you take books home - you are in for a big surprise. Listen to us talk about some of the great things happening in libraries today!

Circulating Ideas

Circulating Ideas facilitates conversations with the innovative people and ideas inspiring libraries to grow and thrive in the 21st century. Brought to you with support from listeners like you.

Cyberpunk Librarian

Daniel Messer, the Cyberpunk Librarian, talks about ideas, trends, and cool stuff for technologically minded librarians who are high tech and low budget.

The Library Pros

A Librarian and Information Technology Pro talking libraries, library tech and everything in between!

Drunk Librarians

The Drunk Librarians are two library gals who love to drink, read, and talk, talk, talk. It seemed like the perfect combination to make a top-notch podcast. In each episode Librarian A and Librarian B (so named to preserve their anonymity and employment) get absolutely trashed and review the books they've been reading. Every episode is a new adventure in drunken rambling and occasionally astute observations, and a lot of laughs. We hope you enjoy the show, but remember...keep it on the DL.

About the author 

Heather Teysko

Heather Teysko is head of community and engagement for Library Lever, and she loves running the Common Stacks Podcast. She's been in Library Land for close to 20 years, with a career that has focused on technology and ebooks. She is also passionate about history, having built a website on Colonial American history in 1998 that got to #1 on Yahoo (when that was a thing) has been podcasting on Tudor England since 2009, and her podcast The Renaissance English History Podcast has a social following of over 50,000 people. She has published several books including Sideways and Backwards: a Novel of Time Travel and Self Discovery, which was negatively compared to Outlander in several Amazon reviews, despite the fact that it is set in a completely different time period, but the comparison still feels like an honor.
You can follow her on twitter @teysko.

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