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Drew Podwal has been leading technology projects and teaching individuals and teams how to manage their work for over 20 years. Since discovering Lean/Agile Product Development he has focused on helping teams transition from traditional project management to Scrum which promotes transparency, innovation, predictability, and happiness.  Drew’s passion for Lean/Agile culture and methodologies stems from years of experience in observing the struggles embedded in traditional project delivery.  

Drew’s core drive is to collaborate with digital product teams whose focus is to deliver the highest level of value and innovation to its end users. He believes that innovation and quality can only be achieved by shedding the management principles of the past and embracing the values of agile leadership. This belief emerged in conjunction with the 5 years he served as a petty officer in the United States Navy where outcome driven missions relied upon empowering soldiers and sailors to explore problems, and innovate solutions. As a result, Drew’s approach focuses heavily on supporting individuals and teams and giving them the space to discover better ways of working. Encouraging a ‘go slow to go fast mindset’ is the only way to accelerate the transition from a traditional approach (Waterfall) over to Agile..

To round it all out, Drew has shepherded technology development in semiconductor manufacturing, digital media distribution, avionics, and of course EdTech. His clients have included HBO, Nickelodeon, AMC Networks, Bedford Freeman and Worth Publishing, Pearson Education, and a brief stint coaching a transformation at the British Post Office. 

In his private life, he has seen Steely Dan in concert over 15 times and counting.  He has a mild addiction to fine-tuning his audio setup by purchasing just one last component.  His favorite record to listen to is Joni Mitchell’s Shadow and Light, recorded live at the Santa Barbara Bowl in September 1979 and features Jaco Pastorius on bass, Pat Metheny on Guitar and Michael Brecker on horns.  Check it out!