Library Lever:

[a buying club like no other] harnessing the power of data to save libraries time and money

No Transaction Costs

Clients never pay a transaction cost when buying from a vendor through Library Lever

Client Wellness

Don't spend your money on resources that don't get used. We work with clients to ensure they are buying the right resources, and when they do commit, they have the tools to get the usage and value they want.

Active Community

Join your colleagues from libraries of all types around the country to network, mentor, and learn from experts both within and outside the library industry

Increased Productivity

Decisions driven by data. Easy support when you need it. One simple place for trials, purchases, renewals, and account management.

The Library Lever Story

We're in the business of building sustainable library collections.

Brokerage.  Community.  Wellness.

Our Vision: To realize a new culture in which libraries and publishers work in tandem, driven by the shared mission to build sustainable collections, ensuring all learners are provided equal opportunity to thrive through access to authoritative content and quality technologies.

We are transforming the legacy buying club into a Mission-driven Brokerage designed to realize value and impact for both libraries and publishers by harnessing the power of shared data to inform development in content creation and to drive investment in equitable access.

Meet the Team

Rob Karen

Robert Karen

Drew Podwal

Heather Dray

Heather Dray

Heather Teysko

Heather Teysko

Get to know us

The Common Stacks Podcast

Common Stacks Podcast Logo

Common Stacks is the podcast around which much of our community is built. We have engaging conversations with experts both within and outside of the library profession. We are looking at the many ways in which libraries are debunking the myth of, "well, this is how it's always been done." 

Search for Common Stacks in your podcatcher of choice, and join our Slack channel to continue the conversations, even after the episodes. 

Robert Karen

The business of library consortia is changing. Library Lever is a new concept, a mission driven buying club that supports engagement, eliminates transaction fees, empowers libraries to save time and money through improved digital workflows, with advocacy driven by data and community. 

For Clients

How it works [Library Lever Membership]

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  • Ongoing Client Wellness

Check out the Join Library Lever page to learn more about Library Lever membership, view our sample member agreement form, and fees. Remember, you don't pay any transaction costs with a Library Lever membership.


Brian Edwards /

Director of Educational Streaming |  
Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.

I had the privilege of working with Rob for a number of years and highly recommend him for any business wanting to grow sales. The team behind Library Lever is inspiring and we can't wait to see what they have in store. We're looking forward to watching the growth and development of this company.

Michelle Young, MLS/

Dean of Libraries|
Clarkson University

We are excited to see how Library Lever grows. Rob's experience, vision, and enthusiasm for libraries is incredible. Under his leadership and the team he has put together, we are looking forward to watching the company flourish.

Michoel Rotenfeld/

Associate Director | 
Touro University Libraries

Robert's work with our library system has been a pleasure. He was able to quickly understand our needs making recommendations that worked well for us. Working with Robert allowed allows us to refine our collection, minimize duplication and increase engagement with our students. His delivery of the project was timely, professional, and efficient. We are looking forward to working with Robert again in the future.

For Vendors

How it works [Sell through Library Lever]

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  • Ongoing Client Wellness

View the Work with Us page to learn more about us, our mission, and the types of partners we want to sign on. If it's a potential match, get in touch! We may want to do a group-wide trial to gauge interest from member libraries, or we might just jump straight to the next step. 


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