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We partner with select publishers, content creators, SaaS providers who share our commitment to build sustainable collections. 

Our Program is Designed

To Support Libraries

We support libraries through the subscription cycle by establishing usage benchmarks, and provide the resources to help you meet them.

Provide Engagement and Usage Tools

Actively drive usage and raise awareness through custom outreach. We also provide education designed to engage faculty, students, patrons, and key stakeholders.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Collect, analyze and share feedback with product developers and partners so our libraries can make decisions about renewals based on accurate data.

We Work With:

  • Companies that are eager to explore new ways to build their businesses while working towards the greater mission
  • Companies that care about producing quality content that reaches all learners
  • Companies dedicated to learner success

Library Lever Membership Will:

•Save you money through pass through discounts and eliminated transaction fees
•Save you time though an automated workflow and Client-facing platform
•Invest our resources to onboard select vendors who are committed to pricing and services that will make your collection sustainable long term
•Engage with you throughout the subscription cycle to ensure success

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