Savings Calculator

Curious how much your library could save by purchasing through Library Lever? Here are the fees you're paying other consortia (and you might not even be aware that you're paying them!):

- Per transaction surcharge of 4-5%. For our calculator below, we chose 4.5%, which is somewhere in the middle of the average fees.

- Extra fees for training, often even on the very products that you are purchasing through them.

Library Lever never charges a transaction surcharge, and the Library Lever Academy is included for every member. 

Did you know?

Library Consortia initially formed to achieve volume discounts for libraries on database purchases. Over time they have grown into large organizations with dozens of staff to pay, which they fund through per transaction surcharges, often negating the original savings they were formed to offer! Library Lever is bringing back the original idea of a buying club: Libraries working together to achieve value, with a consortium in a supporting role. 

Calculate your Library Lever Savings!

Simply enter your operating budget, and average year database spend. We'll work out the savings you'll see through renewing with Library Lever.


Costs are calculated by going off of average transaction fees of leading consortia. 
Member dues are based off of publicly available price sheets on consortia websites. 
We are posting this information as a best guess of savings. This isn't a guarantee.