Our program is designed to:
- Support libraries through the subscription cycle by establishing usage benchmarks
- Actively drive usage and raise awareness through custom outreach
- Provide education designed to engage faculty, students and key stakeholders
- Collect, analyze and share feedback with product developers and partners

We will:

•Save you money through pass through discounts and eliminated transaction fees

•Save you time though an automated workflow and Client-facing platform

•Invest our resources to onboard select vendors who are committed to pricing and services that will make your collection sustainable long term

•Engage with you throughout the subscription cycle to ensure success.

Client Wellness Program

We achieve true value for our clients by actively investing in their success via our Client Wellness Program. 

Founder perks available to clients that onboard in 2022:

Operational Impact


Help Library Lever grow and have an operational impact by voting on new contracts

Exclusive Online Events


Trainings and online networking events facilitated by librarians and outside professionals who are leaders in their respective fields

Librarian Trainings


Supporting MLS programs with industry webinars, and supporting new librarians through mentorship and training opportunities

Industry Meetups


Exclusive networking events for early adopter librarians at professional conferences. 

Priority Access


Priority access to new resources providing early access to new resources and technology prior to launch