Common Stacks

Common Stacks is a podcast centered around interesting conversations with experts who are focused on the changes in the library profession, and service to library patrons and learners, as well as ideas and suggestions on how to move libraries forward. 

What is Common Stacks?

Common Stacks is a podcast that brings together professionals from within the library world, as well as interesting experts from other professions, to engage in discussions around the issues affecting libraries, and looking at the ways in which libraries are dispelling the myth of “this is how it’s always been done.”

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We are building a community of thinkers, risk-takers, do-ers, who want to move libraries forward. Connect with our Community and join the conversation, networking with peers, and engaging in the ideas that will move libraries forward.

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Episode 1


Heather, Drew, and Rob introduce Common Stacks, and share what the podcast is all about while also breaking down the news on the recent Clarivate/ProQuest merger.
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Episode 2

Let's Talk about Pricing

Why is it so hard for us to talk about pricing and value we get from the resources we buy? Why is it hard to get transparent pricing? 
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Episode 3

What actually *is* a consortium?

Rob and Heather share some of their own experiences running consortia, and share what it is that consortia do, and why your library should belong to one.

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Episode 4

Open access with CloudSource OA

How is Open Access publishing changing the publishing game, how are libraries reacting, and how are vendors like CloudSource OA doing to provide services in this area?
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Episode 5

Taming Wild Content with Coherent Digital

There is so much content being created every day on websites from NGO's, non-profits, political organizations, and more. How can we collect and organize that information to make it usable in research? Coherent Digital talks about how they tame wild content.
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Episode 6

Tim Coates and the Freckle Project

Tim Coates has been working in libraries and publishing for over 40 years, and his recent research on library use has ruffled some feathers, and given us a lot to think about.
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Episode 7

Happy National Librarian Day 🎉

Heather and Rob celebrate some of the librarians who have impacted Rob's life and career, and get their advice for up and coming librarians.
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Episode 10

Emily Drabinski on her plans for ALA

Heather, Heather, and Rob talked with Emily Drabinski about her plans for ALA, and what she'd do with $5 million to build a library. 
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Episode 14

Michael Blackwell on ebooks in libraries

Heather spoke with Michael Blackwell from ReadersFirst about the ebook landscape in public libraries.
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Episode 17

Cordelia Anderson on Library Marketing

Episode 22

Dr Sarah Clark on Kind Leadership

Dr. Sarah Clark is the Dean and University Librarian at LaSalle University, and founder of the Kind Leadership Guild and the Kind Leadership Challenge Podcast.
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Episode 25

Steven Rosato of OverDrive

Steven Rosato is the Manager of the OverDrive Professional business unit, the division of OverDrive that specializes in serving HigherEd Academic institutions.
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Episode 8

Henry Bankhead and Community Publishing

Henry Bankhead is the City Librarian at San Rafael Public Library. He is a champion of self publishing & community publishing, enabling libraries to be maker-spaces of words.
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Episode 11

Josh Nicholson at

Josh Nicholson is the CEO and founder of, which helps researchers see not just what papers have received citations, but how those papers are cited.
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Episode 15

David Adimora on Patron Outreach

David Adimora is a business development leader, notably in the technology industry, helping clients in a cross section of education and industry. Listen or read the transcript

Episode 18

Jami Yazdani on Agile for Libraries

Jami Yazdani is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than 16 years of experience managing a portfolio of innovative projects and planning initiatives.  Listen or read the transcript

Episode 23

John Seguin of Third Iron

John Seguin is the President, Co-Founder, and Chief Librarian at Third Iron, enabling the vital role libraries play in the research process with innovative technologies that meet the expectations of today’s user.

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Episode 26

Peter McCracken of

Peter McCracken is an Electronic Resources Librarian at Cornell University, and also the cofounder of Serials Solutions, and 

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Episode 9

Ben Ide and Building Communities

Ben Ide is the Head of Resource and Metadata Services at the University of Hartford, and is building a community around libraries using Bibliovation. 
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Episode 12

Jeff Goins, Creativity, and Change

Jeff Goins is the New York Times Bestselling author of The Art of Work and Real Artists Don't Starve among others.
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Episode 16

Jayanti Addleman on Library Advocacy

Jayanti Addleman is the Director of the Hayward Public Library, and a fierce library advocate. We speak about how to learn advocacy, and why it's important.
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Episode 21

Frank Pennetti on Coworking Spaces

Frank Pennetti is a business librarian at Broward County Library, and he oversees their Creation Station Coworking Incubator.
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Episode 24

David Brace at PrivCo

David Brace is the Head of Sales at PrivCo, and joined us to talk about what makes PrivCo different than other business databases. 
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