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A new Library Lever vendor partner, Genius Academy is an on-demand platform offering experiential learning tools designed for psychology, social work, and counseling education. 

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In a world where mental health really needs the best practitioners possible, how can we better train students before they start working in the field and are charged with addressing the emotional suffering of others?
Genius Academy Original content enhances the lesson plan by allowing educators to bring engaging, immersive case studies into the classroom.
Mental Health continues to be one of the most sought after and critically important areas of study a learner can consider pursuing and, as such, Genius Academy is first committed to enriching and enhancing the academic efforts to teaching this content. 


The GENIUS ACADEMY streaming media library features an exclusive collection of meticulously researched, high quality, true-to-life, curated case study video simulations & teaching guides that are designed to bring the learner into the room with the patient. These realistic simulations of people struggling with mental health issues are filmed in a first-person perspective, allowing the learner to be immersed in the role of the counselor. Through observations such as these, students can learn far more about patients & scenarios they could through a mere textbook description. 


Provide patrons with mental health tools, helping them find the resources they need through case study video simulations. 

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We are excited to be working with Genius Academy. Mental health resources continue to be in demand in libraries, and Genius Academy's service is unlike any other resource we have seen, and will provide value in public and academic libraries alike.

Rob Karen
Library Lever Founder
Creative director
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Search a streaming library of mental health case studies. Find by course title or DSM-5-TR disorder. Case studies for counseling, social work, and psychology

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