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Library Lever Marketplace is a new kind of Vendor Marketplace

We are a Mission Driven Vendor Marketplace that provides our clients premium service for minimal cost, building sustainable library collections through purpose-driven collaboration with libraries and publishers, passing all publisher discounts directly to our clients, charging zero transaction fees and zero annual engagement fees.

We achieve true value for our clients by growing usage and increasing engagement through our Client Wellness Program. We support our clients throughout the subscription cycle with outreach designed to promote faculty engagement, connect learners with instruction, and achieve usage and impact goals. 

The bottom line is we are deeply invested in your long-term success and are committed to ensuring you achieve true value for your investment.

How are we able to achieve our mission?

We partner with select publishers who share our commitment to building sustainable library collections. Our Partners are best actors in the industry, actively seek new pricing models based on new data points such as engagement, community, and impact over legacy FTE, volume purchase and budget-based pricing.

Transparency. Sustainability. Value.

Perks available to Libraries who Order through Library Lever

The Library Lever Academy

All Clients have access to the Library Lever Academy, a suite of personal and professional development tutorials on Niche Academy. 


FREE Amazon Business Prime

Library Lever now offers FREE BUSINESS PRIME to all libraries who make purchases through Library Lever.


Trainings and Meetups

Exclusive networking events for libraries who order through Library Lever at industry meetups and conferences.

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