Library Lever Academy Growing: New Social Media Tutorial Added


New Social Media Marketing course added in Library Lever Academy

The Library Lever Academy, a collection of professional development tutorials included for all members of Library Lever, is growing. We have added a course on Social Media marketing by Cordelia Anderson, author of author of the new book, Library Marketing and Communications: Strategies to Increase Relevance and Results, from ALA Editions.

The Library Lever Academy, powered by Niche Academy, is offered to all Library Lever libraries as a key benefit of membership!  Our Library Lever Academy includes a suite of professional development tutorials designed to educate and support library staff on topics including secondary trauma stress, grant writing, conflict resolution, and more!

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New Course Description: Social media provides an opportunity for libraries to engage with people outside of the four walls of the library. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to shift from promotion, which is a one-way conversation, to engagement, which is a two-way conversation. We will discuss strategies such as content, analytics, active listening and social media as a customer service point. We will also discuss the pros and cons for centralized and decentralized management of social media, and how governance and policy can be balanced with creativity and flexibility. 

About the author 

Heather Teysko

Heather Teysko is head of community and engagement for Library Lever, and she loves running the Common Stacks Podcast. She's been in Library Land for close to 20 years, with a career that has focused on technology and ebooks. She is also passionate about history, having built a website on Colonial American history in 1998 that got to #1 on Yahoo (when that was a thing) has been podcasting on Tudor England since 2009, and her podcast The Renaissance English History Podcast has a social following of over 50,000 people. She has published several books including Sideways and Backwards: a Novel of Time Travel and Self Discovery, which was negatively compared to Outlander in several Amazon reviews, despite the fact that it is set in a completely different time period, but the comparison still feels like an honor.
You can follow her on twitter @teysko.

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