Niche Academy and Library Lever: Partners in Wellness


Our new Partners in Wellness

Introducing our Partner in Wellness, Niche Academy!

Niche Academy is the dynamic, library-oriented Learning Management System helping libraries reduce the time and cost of delivering interactive, point of need training while achieving learning outcomes for staff, students and patrons.


  • By providing Open Educational Resources available through the platform, including content created by other libraries and experts in the greater library community.
  • By providing access to all tools, the content library and LMS as a subscription with no additional usage-based charges.
  • By focusing on the quality of the user experience for learners, instructors, and content creators.
  • By providing tools to support interactive instruction and to embed tutorial experiences within websites, courses and online tools like LibGuides.
  • By providing a large collection of professional quality tutorials teaching essential research skills, information literacy concepts, introductions to academic databases and so much more!

How do we know?

We not only partner with Niche Academy to introduce their best in class Learning Platform to our members libraries, we are also a customer!  Library Lever has invested in the health and growth of the dedicated staff who selflessly serve in our  libraries every day by engaging Niche Academy as our Partner in Wellness.  

Our Library Lever Academy, powered by Niche Academy, is offered to all Library Lever libraries as a key benefit of membership!  Our Library Lever Academy includes a suite of professional development tutorials designed to educate and support library staff on topics including secondary trauma stress, grant writing, conflict resolution, and more!

Join Library Lever today for unlimited access to all training content in our Library Lever Academy!  

Interested in learning more about Niche Academy and Library Lever membership?  Let's talk about it. 

Watch Heather Dray and Heather Teysko discuss the LL Academy

About the author 

Heather Teysko

Heather Teysko is head of community and engagement for Library Lever, and she loves running the Common Stacks Podcast. She's been in Library Land for close to 20 years, with a career that has focused on technology and ebooks. She is also passionate about history, having built a website on Colonial American history in 1998 that got to #1 on Yahoo (when that was a thing) has been podcasting on Tudor England since 2009, and her podcast The Renaissance English History Podcast has a social following of over 50,000 people. She has published several books including Sideways and Backwards: a Novel of Time Travel and Self Discovery, which was negatively compared to Outlander in several Amazon reviews, despite the fact that it is set in a completely different time period, but the comparison still feels like an honor.
You can follow her on twitter @teysko.

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