Niche Academy is a comprehensive learning platform: a content creation tool, content library, and LMS wrapped in one. Niche Academy helps libraries reduce the time and cost of delivering the training while achieving learning outcomes for staff, students and  patrons.

A new vendor partner with special offers available for Library Lever Members.

A new offer for Library Lever Members

Niche Academy is used every day in 1000+ public, educational, non-profit, and for-profit organizations


Increase your job satisfaction by  measuring your impact on student success

You know that research support and information literacy instruction are high impact activities for student success. You know that your work supports research and contributes to information literacy

Interactive Instruction for Students
Offering Instruction Within Campus LMS
Targeted Database Introductions
Report Learning Outcomes


Increase eResource circulation using online training

Many customers see increases of 70% or more in just 1 year

What could your staff accomplish with 32 additional training sessions this year?

Niche Academy customers delivered an average of 32 additional training sessions for each employee last year

Offer online storytime without the copyright headaches

Just check a box to require a library card number and never worry about publisher lists again

The Offer

I've worked with Niche Academy in the past, and they are a game changer when it comes to providing staff and patron training. We are thrilled that in addition to offering a discount, they are also powering our Library Lever Academy, which is included in Library Lever membership.

Heather Dray
Chief Client Officer
Creative director
Discount Offer 

Library Lever members receive discount opportunities when purchasing through multiyear contracts, or as part of a group purchase. Email us for the full details. 

Additionally, all Library Lever members receive an account of core courses in the Library Lever Academy on Niche as part of your Wellness Program. 

What's POssible

"We helped Utah State University go from 1300 library presentation views to 35,000 in just one year!"

The Library Lever Academy

As part of our Client Wellness Program, we are thrilled to offer all Library Lever members a core package of courses from Niche Academy, as well as a growing library of courses we commission from training and subject experts.

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