Pledge Update 2023

Happy New Year!

Thank you for your interest in the Library Lever Pledge.

We appreciate your support as we worked to provide libraries with an alternative to the legacy
buying club model that no longer serves them. Unfortunately, we did not receive the show of
support needed to move crucial agreements forward with key big-ticket vendors.

Library Lever will continue to negotiate discounted deals with select vendors to provide access
to affordable, sustainable resources for libraries via our Vendor Marketplace of new and early-stage content and SaaS providers. Libraries ordering through Library Lever are never charged transaction fees or annual engagement fees.

Please explore our current list of Vendor Partners and check back frequently as we will continue to grow our catalog of products and services. We are happy to provide you with custom quotes, trials, and additional information on all our partner resources.

Library Lever will continue to provide Libraries with FREE Unlimited Professional Development Training via our Library Lever Academy and FREE AMAZON Business Prime.
No surprises, no nonsense, all benefits.
Library Lever

For years, libraries have been saddled with paying mystery service charges, annual subscription increases, and inflated member dues all with shrinking budgets. This has become the norm; we’ve all come to expect it and chalk it up as the cost of doing business. Why? Does it have to be this way? 

Library Lever says no, it does not.

After spending decades in our industry, the Library Lever Team decided enough was enough and came together to do something about it. We are here to do better for libraries, for those who serve them, and for all those who depend upon libraries for education, pleasure and community. 

The Library Lever Team Has:


Years of combined consortial experience

$100+ million

Dollars saved libraries


I'm Rob Karen

Library Lever has developed a business model that enables us to eliminate all service charges and pass 100% of vendor partner discounts directly to our client libraries with zero transaction fees, and no annual joining fee. In fact, you don't even have to "join" Library Lever. Just shop with us the way you would any marketplace.

Explore our current list of
Vendor Partners and check back frequently as we continue to grow our catalog of products and services. Tell us which vendors you’d like to see on that list, and we will work to add them there.

[Library Lever] Founder and CEO

The system is broken. With your help we can fix it.

How much does your library spend on administrative fees paid to consortia? What percentage of vendor discounts does your library receive from consortia deals? Do you understand why prices increase year after year? How much time do you spend negotiating directly with vendors? How much does your library pay for training and continuing education in addition to membership dues?

Library Lever Academy

In addition to realizing maximum savings for our clients, Library Lever has invested in the health and growth of the dedicated staff who selflessly serve in our libraries every day by offering unlimited access to our Library Lever Academy,
powered by Niche Academy, to all libraries who order through us as an additional Perk. Our Library Lever Academy includes a suite of professional  development tutorials designed to educate and support library staff on topics including secondary trauma stress, grant writing, conflict resolution, and more!

The perks don't stop there! All libraries who order through us also receive Amazon Business Prime as an additional benefit. 

Community & Other Benefits

Order your next product through Library Lever for unlimited access to all training content in our Library Lever Academy, 100% of vendor discounts, and ZERO service charges, and NO joining or annual engagement fees. There isn't even any requirement to be a Member of Library Lever.  Plus all the benefits of Amazon Business Prime, at no cost to you. 

No surprises, no nonsense, all benefits.  


We are excited to see how Library Lever grows. Rob's experience, vision, and enthusiasm for libraries is incredible. Under his leadership and the team he has put together, we are looking forward to watching the company flourish. 

Michelle Young 

Dean of Libraries, Clarkson University

Robert's work with our library system has been a pleasure. He was able to quickly understand our needs making recommendations that worked well for us. Working with Robert allowed allows us to refine our collection, minimize duplication and increase engagement with our students. His delivery of the project was timely, professional, and efficient. We are looking forward to working with Robert again in the future.

Michoel Rotenfeld

Associate Director, Touro University Libraries

The library industry is evolving, with exciting new products and trends being discovered all the time. The team at Library Lever will help libraries navigate the process, keeping librarians one step ahead of the learning curve. I’m looking forward to watching the company flourish.

Ben Ide

Head, Library Resource and Metadata Services,University of Hartford