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For years, libraries have been saddled with paying mystery service charges, annual subscription increases, and inflated member dues all with shrinking budgets. This has become the norm; we’ve all come to expect it and chalk it up as the cost of doing business. Why? Does it have to be this way? 

Library Lever says no, it does not.

After spending decades in our industry, the Library Lever Team decided enough was enough and came together to do something about it. We are here to do better for libraries, for those who serve them, and for all those who depend upon libraries for education, pleasure and community.

Pledge today, save today, pay later.

The Library Lever Team Has:


Years of combined consortial experience

$100+ million

Dollars saved libraries

Here's how the Pledge works

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There is no financial or legally binding agreement. You're just agreeing that you'll give us a chance, and if we are able to get the contracts you want, you'll renew with us. The library pays nothing now. There is nothing legally binding. 

Library Lever Negotiates Deals

Clients move the needle, and your pledge will enable us to get the best deals possible. As a pledgee, you will receive immediate benefits such as Professional Development trainings in the Library Lever Academy, and Free Amazon Business Prime

Your library has a real choice for renewals

This is the best part. Your library can choose the best option for renewal in 2023. We're confident that will be Library Lever, but the library will win either way.

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I'm Rob Karen

Library Lever has developed a business model that enables us to eliminate all service charges and pass 100% of vendor partner discounts directly to our Member Libraries all for one flat, lower-than-market Annual Participation Fee.

Explore our current list of
Vendor Partners and check back frequently as we continue to grow our catalog of products and services. Tell us which vendors you’d like to see on that list, and we will work to add them there.

[Library Lever] Founder and CEO

The system is broken. With your help we can fix it.

How much does your library spend on administrative fees paid to consortia? What percentage of vendor discounts does your library receive from consortia deals? Do you understand why prices increase year after year? How much time do you spend negotiating directly with vendors? How much does your library pay for training and continuing education in addition to membership dues?

Library Lever Academy

In addition to realizing maximum savings for our Member Libraries, Library Lever has invested in the health and growth of the dedicated staff who selflessly serve in our libraries every day by offering unlimited access to our Library Lever Academy,
powered by Niche Academy, to all Member Libraries as a key benefit of membership! Our Library Lever Academy includes a suite of professional  development tutorials designed to educate and support library staff on topics including secondary trauma stress, grant writing, conflict resolution, and more! Plus, now all pledging libraries receive free Amazon Business Prime as an immediate member benefit.

Community & Other Benefits

Pledge to Join Library Lever today for unlimited access to all training content in our Library Lever Academy, 100% of vendor discounts, and ZERO service charges.  Plus all the benefits of Amazon Business Prime, at no cost to you. 

No surprises, no nonsense, all benefits.  


We are excited to see how Library Lever grows. Rob's experience, vision, and enthusiasm for libraries is incredible. Under his leadership and the team he has put together, we are looking forward to watching the company flourish. 

Michelle Young 

Dean of Libraries, Clarkson University

Robert's work with our library system has been a pleasure. He was able to quickly understand our needs making recommendations that worked well for us. Working with Robert allowed allows us to refine our collection, minimize duplication and increase engagement with our students. His delivery of the project was timely, professional, and efficient. We are looking forward to working with Robert again in the future.

Michoel Rotenfeld

Associate Director, Touro University Libraries

The library industry is evolving, with exciting new products and trends being discovered all the time. The team at Library Lever will help libraries navigate the process, keeping librarians one step ahead of the learning curve. I’m looking forward to watching the company flourish.

Ben Ide

Head, Library Resource and Metadata Services,University of Hartford

Academic Library Pricing

*we also work with public libraries, and pricing ranges form 199 to 399/year. Email us for more information.

Once the pledge succeeds, this is the Annual Support, Wellness, and Engagement Fee that you will be invoiced upon renewal in 2023. There are no other transaction or participation fees or surcharges.

2 year institutions
  • Zero transaction fees
  • 100% of discounts go to the library
  • Client Library Wellness Program
  • Library Lever Academy
  • A community of passionate professionals with space dedicated to discussions among members designed to support your work so you have all the materials you need for your vendor management in one space
  • Support from the Library Lever team
  • Meetups at library events




4 year Institutions
  • Zero transaction fees
  • 100% of discounts go to the library
  • Client Library Wellness Program
  • Library Lever Academy
  • A community of passionate professionals with space dedicated to discussions among members designed to support your work so you have all the materials you need for your vendor management in one space
  • Support from the Library Lever team
  • Meetups at library events




Frequently asked questions

About Library Lever

What is Library Lever

Library Lever is a new library buying club (similar to a consortium). We launched at ALA in June 2022, and already have signed discounts with over a dozen library vendors, and we launched the Library Lever Academy, a suite of professional and personal development tutorials available to all Library Leve

Who is in the team

We are a team of passionate industry professionals on a mission to create a world in which libraries and publishers work together towards the same goals:  A world where all learners are provided equal opportunity to thrive through access to authoritative content and modern technologies.  A world where decisions are driven by data, and success is measured by impact. Learn more about us here.

Why did you start Library Lever?

Our vision is to realize a new culture in which libraries and publishers work in tandem, driven by the shared mission to build sustainable collections, ensuring all learners are provided equal opportunity to thrive through access to authoritative content and modern technologies.

About the Pledge

What is the Library Lever Pledge?

The Library Lever Pledge is a way for us to keep a promise to our member libraries before they make the commitment of joining and paying us. In many places around the country, libraries do not have a real choice when it comes to their local consortium or buying club. Legacy pricing has been inflated, and groups that were originally designed to save libraries money have added on fees and surcharges, while libraries have no real alternatives. We want to be that alternative. Vendors respond to numbers. Pledge to join us, allowing us to negotiate the best pricing for you. When we have our deal in place, if it's a better deal, then renew with us, and join us at that point. If we don't deliver, you haven't lost anything.

What if the Pledge succeeds?

Libraries pledging their support will allow us to onboard the top vendors quickly. Once we have those better deals in place, you can renew with us in 2023, joining us and paying a membership fee (with no added surcharges or transaction fees) at that point. In the meantime, you can also enjoy our discounts already in place, as well as the Library Lever Academy, at no fee.

What if Library Lever doesn't reach its goals?

If we don't get the numbers we need to make a real impact with vendors, then we will go on our way to our next endeavors. You won't be invoiced. You won't have paid any money. You will have hopefully taken advantage of the courses in the Library Lever Academy, and we all will have learned some good lessons.

About our process

How does billing work?

We want to do what's best for the library. If you want us to bill you, we can. If you want to be billed directly by the vendor, that's fine too.

What vendors do you currently work with?

We currently work with over a dozen vendors, and are adding more every week. Vendors you've heard of, like Coherent Digital or CloudsourceOA, as well as new vendors like Qwest or Genius Academy. Check our vendor partner list often.

What are the other member benefits?

We have a growing online community where you can easily connect, and network with other library professionals, learn from each other, and have all your vendor contact information in one place. We also are proud of our Library Lever Academy, a growing collection of personal and professional development tutorials on Niche Academy, free to all members.

Sign the Pledge Today

Sign up to pledge your support to our work. This is not a legally binding agreement. There is no financial commitment. You are only saying that you support what we're doing & will renew with us if we are successful.
Please note that by signing on, you're giving Library Lever permission to use your institutional name in our conversations with vendors to negotiate renewals. We will not use personal identifying information, or sell any information ever.