Learn how to Start a Podcast for the Library in an Hour

In this free training in the Library Lever community you will learn from a podcasting pioneer how to get a podcast started for your library, and leave with all the tools you need to get going. By the end of the hour-long training you will have all the information and resources you need to start and launch your show!

When: June 1, 2pm eastern
Where: Online in the Library Lever Community

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About your instructor

Heather Teysko - Podcasting Pioneer

Heather Teysko has been podcasting since 2009 when she started The Renaissance English History Podcast, which was the History Podcast of the Month in the September 2021 issue of Podcast Magazine. Her show has had several million downloads, and she has a community following of over 50,000 people.

Heather has also been working in Library Land for 20 years. She was the Assistant Director for Innovation and Development at the Califa Group, California's largest library consortium. Before coming to Library Lever as the Director of Engagement, she handled Digital Strategy for LYRASIS on the Palace Project, an open source ebook app with funding from the Knight Foundation.

She has taught podcasting classes for ALA Continuing Education, LYRASIS, and PCI Webinars, and has led social media trainings for libraries and organizations including for the State Library of Hawaii.

Here's what we'll be covering in your training

In the hour-long webinar on June 1 at 2pm, Heather will be discussing the four steps to creating and launching your podcast with all the resources you'll need to launch your own show!

Step 1: Prep work

Make a Plan and Set your Goals

Learn about show formats, how to set goals for your show, and the importance of your name.

Step 2: Recording

Record and Edit your Audio

Learn about the tools you will need to record, the software, how to learn to edit your file, as well as where to get royalty free music and sounds, and where to get free post-production work

Step 3: Uploading

Learn about Podcast Hosting

Learn about the various podcast hosting companies, and why going with a free host might not always be the best choice!

Step 4: Launching

How to Launch Successfully

Learn how to submit your show to podcatchers, how to launch into your community, and creative ways of getting the word out.

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