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Provide your patrons with seamless access to up-to-date revenues, EBITDA, and growth signals with a special discount only available to LL members.
PrivCo’s search engine generates targeted insights across millions of data points in seconds.
Their proprietary machine-learning financial modeling is third-party tested and proven 2.5x more accurate than the industry standard.
Quickly understand the private market with accurate revenues, employee counts, EBITDA, valuations, and growth signals across thousands of verticals.


Empower students with the data they need for their research.

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Provide patrons with access to over 110M+ data points across thousands of business verticals, easily filtered to find the right data.

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We are excited to work with PrivCo because of how easy they make research into private companies - something that is necessary for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and students alike.

Rob Karen
Library Lever Founder
Creative director
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Library Lever members receive a 10% discount off the list price of the Financial Insights Annual License when you order through us

  • “What you are now providing stands out significantly.” — University of Saint Thomas Business Librarian
  • “I was able to complete projects that would have been very difficult to do without PrivCo.” — University of Rochester MBA student 
  • "This is really awesome. Thank you PrivCo for understanding the Big Data needs of faculty." — Business Librarian 
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    Trend reports, industry analysis, and AI-assisted insights across 110MM+ points of data.


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