Library Lever invites you to think beyond the typical buying club.

ZERO Service Charges. Maximum Vendor Discounts. Professional Development.
Zero Annual Participation Fee.

No Surprises. No Nonsense. All Benefits.
Are you ready to make a healthy change?

For years, libraries have been saddled with paying mystery service charges, annual subscription increases, and inflated member dues all with shrinking budgets. This has become the norm; we’ve all come to expect it and chalk it up as the cost of doing business. Why? Does it have to be this way? 

We say no, it does not.

After spending decades in our industry, the Library Lever Team decided enough was enough and came together to do something about it. We are here to do better for libraries, for those who serve them, and for all those who depend upon libraries for education, pleasure and community.

Library Lever has developed a business model that enables us to eliminate all service charges and pass 100% of vendor partner discounts directly to the libraries who order through us, all without charging any membership or participation fees. In fact, you don't even need to join Library Lever in order to purchase through us. There are no fees, and the vendor discounts are open to any library, from anywhere in the country.

Check out our current list of Vendor Partners and check back frequently as the list is growing every week. Tell us which vendors you’d like to see on that list, and we will work to add them there.

In addition to realizing maximum savings for libraries, we are investing in the health and growth of the dedicated staff who selflessly serve in our libraries every day by offering unlimited access to our Library Lever Academypowered by Niche Academy, to all libraries who order through us as one of our perks!

Our Library Lever Academy includes a suite of professional development tutorials designed to educate and support library staff on topics including secondary trauma stress, grant writing, conflict resolution, and more!

To recap, order products through Library Lever today for unlimited access to all training content in our Library Lever Academy, 100% of vendor discounts, and ZERO service charges, and ZERO membership fees, with no organization to join.  

No surprises, no nonsense, all benefits. 
Let's get started!

Library Lever is working to support you.

Services for Libraries

Library Lever is a new kind of Vendor Marketplace, rooted in transparency, sustainability, and value.

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Services for Consortia
We're building a new way for libraries to curate collections by breaking down their legacy pricing structure while aligning them with the modern research infrastructure. We have a good idea what the problem is and how to fix it.

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Services for Vendors

We want to partner with vendors who are “libraries first” and interested in building sustainable library collections.

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