Vendor Partner List

Library Lever is working to partner with industry leaders eager to pursue new business formation replacing legacy selling and engagement strategies. 

Cloudsource OA

CloudSource OA makes it easy for your library to take advantage of the growing body of Open Access content available today. Get access to a comprehensive collection of vetted, quality OA articles, journals, eBooks, OER and more delivered seamlessly and intuitively to your end users.

Coherent Digital

Coherent Digital is on a mission to tame wild content… They create collections of critical research and learning materials and contextualize them and provide tools and supporting materials so that they can be used for learning. They add content that’s uncatalogued, undiscoverable, uncitable, prone to link rot, and likely to disappear. Where content is in danger of being lost forever, they make sure that it’s stabilized, findable, and preserved in a permanent home.  

Genius Academy

Genius Academy is an on-demand marketplace of immersive academic case studies designed for psychology, social work, and counseling.

Lean Library

Drive usage. Save money. Promote your library.

Lean Library puts the library in your patron’s workflow, making content and resources accessible whenever and wherever your patrons need them.


LibraryCall helps libraries deliver stories and information
to everyone online and via telephone

No computers? No problem. LibraryCall serves everyone in the community — even those without smartphones, computers, or home Internet access!
No phone lines required. LibraryCall is cloud-based — no need to call the phone company or IT department — and callers never hear a busy signal!

Their Dial-A-Story services make it easy to deliver excellent stories.  Use stories from their diverse collection of English and Spanish stories or create your own.



LibraryPass™ curates high-interest, immersive digital content that helps K-12, Public, and Academic libraries expand their reach and engagement—without breaking their materials budget. They help publishers reach new readers through thousands of school and public libraries leverage the power of equitable access to create awareness and demand for digital content. With LibraryPass products, readers of all ages have unlimited access to a curated and diverse collection of immersive digital content—via their libraries!

Niche Academy

A comprehensive learning platform built for the public sector

Niche Academy is a comprehensive learning platform: a content creation tool, content library, and LMS wrapped in one. Niche Academy helps libraries reduce the time and cost of delivering the training while achieving learning outcomes for staff, students and patrons.


Organize Your Internet

The amount of information on the internet is overwhelming -- limitless websites and sources of information. There is no good way to save, annotate, and track the important things you find. Bookmarks, browser tabs, and long documents of copy/pasted content are a headache.

That's why PowerNotes was created - to take the pain and frustration out of internet research. PowerNotes is the first online research platform that not only saves what's important but also keeps it organized for you.


The most powerful search engine for private company data

Get seamless access to up-to-date revenues, EBITDA, and growth signals.
PrivCo’s search engine generates targeted insights across millions of data points in seconds.
Their proprietary machine-learning financial modeling is third-party tested and proven 2.5x more accurate than the industry standard.
Quickly understand the private market with accurate revenues, employee counts, EBITDA, valuations, and growth signals across thousands of verticals.

Where Great Music Meets. 
Qwest TV is a hand-picked treasure trove of concerts, documentaries, interviews and archive films.
Brought to you by Quincy Jones, Qwest TV+ unlocks 1,300+ hand-selected concerts, interviews, archival gems and documentaries. Watch on any device, anytime, anywhere. Spanning jazz, soul, funk, blues, hip-hop, global sounds, electronic and classical, enter a world of curated musical excellence that's accessible to all.

Rock's Backpages

Rock's Backpages is the world's biggest library of music journalism, featuring almost 50,000 articles on artists from Aaliyah to ZZ Top, with a new edition every Friday.

scite is a Brooklyn-based innovation company that helps researchers better discover and understand research articles through Smart Citations–citations that display the context of the citation and describe whether the article provides supporting or contrasting evidence. scite is used by students researchers from around the world and is funded in part by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health. simplifies vessel research. Whether you’re a genealogist, a maritime historian, a researcher, or just curious, they can help you learn more about the ships that interest you. They tell you which maritime resources, such as books, journals, magazines, newspapers, CD-ROMs, websites, and online databases mention the ships that interest you. They enhance these references by noting which ones include illustrations or crew and passenger lists, and where you can find or purchase the resource.

TIND is an official CERN spin-off providing solutions for Research Data Management, Digital Preservation, and Integrated Library Systems based on CERN open source software (Invenio).