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Are you a “libraries first” publisher?

 Are you interested in building sustainable library collections that provide all learners with access to quality content now and in the future?
Are you interested in spearheading new business models that support value over growth, impact over inflation??  

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We are a Mission-Driven Vendor Marketplace designed to realize value and impact for both libraries and publishers by harnessing the power of
shared data to inform development in content creation and to drive investment in equitable access.

We Offer:

  • Programming and outreach designed to drive usage and renewals, engage faculty and students, and support libraries
    with resource implementation and assessment
  • Trial outreach and management designed to maximize engagement, capture feedback and increase adoption.
    Increased efficiency through agile back-office systems, client-facing platforms and a lean infrastructure.
  • Marketplace Development

    There’s a transition underway that’s reshaping our industry. We're bringing together companies that are eager to explore
    new ways to build their businesses.

    The top business leaders are looking for ways to expand and grow their companies. They’re aware that the traditional
    methods won’t work in a world with complex problems, short decision cycles, and rapidly changing customer needs.

    We are looking to connect with industry leaders eager to pursue new business formation replacing legacy selling and
    engagement strategies. 

    Are you ready to disrupt and grow?


    We’re building a community of library innovators, problem solvers, and change makers. We’re transforming libraries
    into effective platforms to meet the needs of 21st century learners .

    We serve as a gathering place to discuss issues and exchange ideas; provide a variety of tools that enhance the
    work of library professionals; and advocate tirelessly on behalf of libraries and librarians
    We promote collaboration and engagement, for stronger libraries and a stronger library workforce.
    Experiment, learn, and prosper with a community of forward-thinking library professionals.

    Librarianship is changing. The digital revolution has redefined library services and created new opportunities for
    library professionals and their institutions. 

    Client Centricity

    We help our clients increase online usage and measure their progress throughout the subscription cycle, including
    customer engagement, patron training and frequent discussion about usage trends.

    We provide our clients with actionable insights, user-friendly reports and a dedicated support team to help them
    throughout the subscription cycle.

    Our subscription management service is here for you. We are a team of industry experts and library consultants
    who use our combined industry knowledge to support your efforts.

    The client experience is our top priority and the core of our business. We believe that the only way to provide
    great support is to know our customers.

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