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Hey hey! Are you a librarian or library student who has something to say? Maybe you have some opinions about the way things are going in a specific area of the industry. Maybe you have expertise to share around outreach, programming, relationships with faculty/teachers, technology? 

We'd love to give you the space to do that on our platform. And even better, we pay for articles.

Library Lever is a growing community built around a nationwide library brokerage (kind of like a consortium, but we have a couple of key differences - the main ones are that we're national, and we are multi-type). 

We want to give library leaders a voice on our community and within our social media. We're new, but growing quickly, and we are paying for interesting articles and columns from librarians and library school students.

More info about what we expect:
- articles should be about 500 words
- we would post within our community (https://community.librarylever.com) and would expect that you would be in there commenting and answering comments on your articles when appropriate (we'll let you know when your article is going live so you can be prepped for it!)
- we also would expect you to share your article with your followers on your own socials

More info about you:
- you can be from any type of library
- you can be a librarian or a student
- you can submit articles one-off, or pitch a regular monthly "column" to us
- we pay $100 for accepted articles via paypal 

Want more info? email heather.teysko@librarylever.com with your submission ideas, and we'll figure out the rest.

About the author 

Heather Teysko

Heather Teysko is head of community and engagement for Library Lever, and she loves running the Common Stacks Podcast. She's been in Library Land for close to 20 years, with a career that has focused on technology and ebooks. She is also passionate about history, having built a website on Colonial American history in 1998 that got to #1 on Yahoo (when that was a thing) has been podcasting on Tudor England since 2009, and her podcast The Renaissance English History Podcast has a social following of over 50,000 people. She has published several books including Sideways and Backwards: a Novel of Time Travel and Self Discovery, which was negatively compared to Outlander in several Amazon reviews, despite the fact that it is set in a completely different time period, but the comparison still feels like an honor.
You can follow her on twitter @teysko.

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